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Sunshine Coast Humpback Whale Reports

Frst-hand Whale Watching Experiences


Entries found here are from whale watching trips from 2017 and earlier years at Whale One.

Tune back in when whale season 2020 begins in June as we will start to regularly post our whale reports again!

30 October 2017

The skipper said, "Our first cruise today the whales went nuts". We found a mum and calf five minutes off the headland and they were amazing! It started with the mum performing huge head lunges followed by the calf breaching at least 30 times close to everyone on board. Mum...

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28 October 2017

Well just when you thought the season was winding down, we have another incredible day of every type of humpback whale behaviour. Our morning started with a mum head lunging and pec slapping and close encounters with the little calf. We then came across a huge competition pod...

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26 October 2017

Wow is how I'll start to describe today's whale watching cruise - As only 5 mins from the river mouth, we spotted a large whale breaching and this male continued to breach and breach and breach over the next 65 minutes. In between the breaches he would roll on his belly and...

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20 October 2017

Our cruises today started with a breach and finished the same way, we found about 8 pods in the morning and had the best display very close to our boat. A few of the calves breaches were right alongside us. The afternoon was spectacular again, with a mum and calf and the little...

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14 October 2017

Again, our day started with beautiful flat conditions on the ocean and whales everywhere we looked, with five minutes of leaving the river mouth we spotted our first pod for the day. We had a mum and calf just cruising along with not a worry at all. In the distance we saw lots...

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12 October 2017

Again our day started with whales spotted before we had left the river mouth with four different pods. One mum, calf and escort were all very active, tail slapping and the calf breaching for the first 25 minutes of our cruise. We had only travelled 10 minutes out from the...

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10 October 2017

What and absolute stunning day on the Sunshine Coast... and it was well and truly an amazing day out on the water with spectacular water conditions. Our first whale sighting for the day was an inquisitive mother and her calf just off Point Cartwright. These guys gave us close...

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9 October 2017

Whales, whales, and more whales today! We were surrounded by humpbacks in all directions, and stopped counting after 20 different pods were seen. Our morning started quiet, with three to four minute down-times, then we picked up a tail slapping, peduncle throwing male who went...

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8 October 2017

Weather was true Sunshine Coast weather today. Lots of blue sky and relatively calm seas with conditions staying that way all day. So many whales today! It was like peak hour on the freeway. From the break water to as far as we ventured out some five kilometres, and there was a...

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6 October 2017

It’s Friday and the whales know it! As our introduction to whale watching this morning we had a mum and calf breaching, tail slapping and tail lobbing just two minutes out from the headland. A big male moved in and the mum’s behaviour radically changed. She quickly took her...

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4 October 2017

Our first whale was spotted 2.1 nautical miles off Point Cartwright! A mother and calf came in to say hello as they swam right under our boat. These two stayed around our boat for 20 minutes. The calf was very curious about all the humans waved and whistling at him, so he...

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2 October 2017

A more challenging day, weather-wise, though we saw our guests rewarded with a magical display of whale watching this morning. We didn't need to venture too far to see many pods of mothers and calves with the little ones doing multiple breaches and mothers very active with...

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1 October 2017

It didn’t take long to find our humpback friends today – we were surrounded by these amazing creatures on every trip today and watched on as they made their way south on their journey to Antarctica! On all our trips we were able to find them very easily with the sprayed water...

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30 September 2017

The morning cruise started off very quiet with the ocean dead flat calm, and the humpback whales talking advantage of the smooth seas by resting or spending long periods underwater. Our best pod of whales were right in front of Mooloolaba beach only 300 metres out from the...

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28 September 2017

What a day had onboard Whale One today. Each cruise had some of the greatest displays of whales seen. We watched two pods of mums and calves come together to play and they really put on a show for us. We're sure the calves were trying to outbreach each other with tails slaps,...

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