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Sunshine Coast Humpback Whale Reports

Frst-hand Whale Watching Experiences


Entries found here are from Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast whale watching trips from whale season 2020 all the way back to 2011. 

13 July 2020 Whale Watching Report

What a lovely afternoon, we saw whales on three separate occasions, mainly separate pods of whales. The second pod we saw was breaching which was very exciting for us! All these whales were on a mission north, though they did seem to be relatively interested in us, checking us...

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12 July 2020 Whale Watching Report

Oh, what a day for whale watching on the Sunshine Coast! We started out with a sunny day that slowly got a little of welcomed cloud cover. On the first trip, we only traveled 0.8 nautical miles out to sea, taking around 10 minutes before we saw one whale, which came up and...

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11 July 2020 Whale Watching Report

Whale watching all day today! We kicked off this sunny day by heading out 8 nautical miles from the Mooloolaba coastline. Spotted two whales that were quite elusive at times, diving down for around 5 minutes at a time. These two seemed to be two juveniles, and what we took an...

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10 July 2020 Whale Watching Report

Today we threw the ropes to go find whales. What we came upon were a relatively quiet mum and calf pair. These two were on the surface quiet often, though not doing much more than focusing on traveling. We did see some lovely flukes from these two which truly elated us. These...

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5 July 2020 Whale Watching Report

Whale watching all day today! We had a clear, sunny day aheadof us. On the first trip, we went out 11 nautical miles and saw multiple males on a heat run! These big guys seemed to be comfortable with us watching them chase and get the attention of a female. It was incredible to...

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6 July 2020 Whale Watching Report

Another beautiful day full of whale watching goodness! The first trip we headed out abot 15 nautical miles before spotting whales, a beautiful trip offshore the Sunshine Coast. Looking back at the coastline was quite a sight! We came upon three whales, then saw two more pods...

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2 July 2020 Whale Watching Report

We headed out on this clear, sunny day only 30 minutes from the Mooloolaba coastline before finding whales!  The seas were calm, and could easily spot two blows in the distance. As the whales got closer, we had to shut our engines off and see how the whales were going to...

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1 July 2020 Whale Watching Report

Started off this full day of whale watching with a bright and sunny day! Only headed out three nautical miles before sighting whales (roughly 15 minutes out of Mooloolaba)! We only had this one sighting in the morning, but it was definitely a good one. We had two humpback...

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23 June 2020 Whale Watching Report

After reaching the 'whale highway', we came across what seemed to be a juvenile male pretty focused on heading north. We were all waiting with anticipation for this whale to make some moves as she/he was just moving and doing big blows near the surface most of the time. Finally...

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22 June 2020 Whale Watching Report

We departed today at 12:30 pm with only a group of 20 passengers (due to the current restrictions from Covid). It was a clear, sunny day on the water, and went out about 10-15 nautical miles. We saw whales on 3 different occasions, some in the distance, and others coming to us...

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26 July 2019 Whale Watching Report

We had lots of whales to choose from the very start of the trip to the end. Even only 15 minutes out we had some people see a whale in the distance breach 3 times off the port side. We had whales at 12 o clock and 3 oclock too which we ended up going for. As we got closer we...

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25 July 2019 Whale Watching Report

Amazing, trip out today. We had a wonderful group of whale watchers on the boat today, everyone in high spirits. Maybe this is why we had such a beautiful turn out from the humpback whales today. We came across a baby and a mum who were very active. From the breaches and pec...

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16 July 2019 Whale Watching Report

On today's amazing trip we had a massive breach not too far from the boat. This humpback whale surprised all the guests on board in the best way. Lots of marine life about as well, as we saw a big jellyfish right at the surface from the boat, and we also enjoyed the company of...

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30 October 2017 Whale Watching Report

The skipper said, "Our first cruise today the whales went nuts". We found a mum and calf five minutes off the headland and they were amazing! It started with the mum performing huge head lunges followed by the calf breaching at least 30 times close to everyone on board. Mum...

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28 October 2017 Whale Watching Report

Well just when you thought the season was winding down, we have another incredible day of every type of humpback whale behaviour. Our morning started with a mum head lunging and pec slapping and close encounters with the little calf. We then came across a huge competition pod...

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