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Sunshine Coast Humpback Whale Reports

Frst-hand Whale Watching Experiences


Entries found here are from Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast whale watching trips from whale season 2020 all the way back to 2011. 

13 August 2020 Whale Watching Report

What a fabulous sunny day for Whale Watching - All day long! On our first whale watching trip, we only headed offshore Mooloolaba 6 nautical miles before spotting whales. It took us roughly 35 minutes. The whale we saw came very close to the boat, only 50 metres from us! It was...

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9 August 2020 Whale Watching Report

On today's afternoon Whale Watching trip, we headed out roughly 9 nautical miles from the Sunshine Coast. It took us around 1.5 hours to find whales - and we ended up whales on 2 occasions seeing 3 in total for the trip.  The first occasion was a mum and calf, then after some...

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7 August 2020 Whale Watching Report

We're never disappointed for surface action when it's raining! Today it took us about an hour in rainy weather to spot a whale, and when we did, we were in for such a treat! We were met with heaps of breaching action, short dives, head lunges, pec slaps and even had an...

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6 August 2020 Whale Watching Report

Today was a warm sunny day at sea, we went out roughly 11.5 nautical miles and spotted humpback whales on 3 separate occasions! Though all the whales we saw spent a bit of time underwater, they did come about 30 metres from the vessel which was very exciting for all of us on...

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4 August 2020 Whale Watching Report

Whale Watching all day today! The first trip we went out around 8 nautical miles before seeing 2 very young, curious whales that came right up to the boat! We could tell they were young due to their size - they were right next to  the boat so we could estimate they were roughly...

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3 August 2020 Whale Watching Report

It was a cool, cloudy winter's day, and we went out roughly 10 nautical miles to find humpback whales. We spotted these majestic animals on 2 different occasions - The first we saw a mum and a calf just at the surface. We hung around at a safe distance to see if they would warm...

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2 August 2020 Whale Watching Report

Today we had partly cloudy skies with a bit of low rolling swell. We always say that the best way to cure seasickness is to see some whales 😎 We saw whales on two occasions - the first was a mum and calf that ended up coming right by the boat. We then saw three juveniles...

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29 July 2020 Whale Watching Report

A calm, sunny Sunshine Coast morning offshore from Mooloolaba - We found two whales in the distance that ended up coming roughly 10 metres from the boat. We saw three whales in our first encounter, then in the second encounter we had a mum, calf and escort, and lastly on our...

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20 July 2020 Whale Watching Report

A beautiful morning in Mooloolaba, with clear sunny skies as our Whale Watching tour today took off at a relatively slower start. We headed out roughly 17 nautical miles off the Sunshine Coast before spotting some rather elusive whales. After hanging around these whales for a...

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19 July 2020 Whale Watching Report

WOW what an INCREDIBLE day!  As soon as we left the Mooloolah river for our morning whale watching tour we could tell it was going to be a gorgeous day. We only went our about 3 nautical miles off the Sunshine Coast coastline before we saw two humpback whales, then another...

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13 July 2020 Whale Watching Report

What a lovely afternoon, we saw whales on three separate occasions, mainly separate pods of whales. The second pod we saw was breaching which was very exciting for us! All these whales were on a mission north, though they did seem to be relatively interested in us, checking us...

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12 July 2020 Whale Watching Report

Oh, what a day for whale watching on the Sunshine Coast! We started out with a sunny day that slowly got a little of welcomed cloud cover. On the first trip, we only traveled 0.8 nautical miles out to sea, taking around 10 minutes before we saw one whale, which came up and...

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11 July 2020 Whale Watching Report

Whale watching all day today! We kicked off this sunny day by heading out 8 nautical miles from the Mooloolaba coastline. Spotted two whales that were quite elusive at times, diving down for around 5 minutes at a time. These two seemed to be two juveniles, and what we took an...

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10 July 2020 Whale Watching Report

Today we threw the ropes to go find whales. What we came upon were a relatively quiet mum and calf pair. These two were on the surface quiet often, though not doing much more than focusing on traveling. We did see some lovely flukes from these two which truly elated us. These...

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5 July 2020 Whale Watching Report

Whale watching all day today! We had a clear, sunny day aheadof us. On the first trip, we went out 11 nautical miles and saw multiple males on a heat run! These big guys seemed to be comfortable with us watching them chase and get the attention of a female. It was incredible to...

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