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WOW what an INCREDIBLE day! 

As soon as we left the Mooloolah river for our morning whale watching tour we could tell it was going to be a gorgeous day. We only went our about 3 nautical miles off the Sunshine Coast coastline before we saw two humpback whales, then another later on. All three were swimming on the surface and seemed to be a mum, calf and escort. 

Then, that afternoon we had a real ‘tear-jerker’ of a day. Not a cloud in sight, and the sea conditions began to pick up a little. However we had two whales – the first one was one of the friendliest whales we had so far this season! 

This whale was mugging us, logging, spy hopping and coming up VERY close to our boat. We were unable to turn our engines on and move because of how much she was coming up to us. The Swim with Whales boats certainly had an incredible trip as well. Just check out the video below to see what we mean!