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Another beautiful day full of whale watching goodness! The first trip we headed out abot 15 nautical miles before spotting whales, a beautiful trip offshore the Sunshine Coast. Looking back at the coastline was quite a sight! We came upon three whales, then saw two more pods right after. All came around us within a ~100 metre radius – one pod at 9 o’clock, one at 12 o’clock and one at 3 o’clock.

There was a lot of diving down with these whales, and we saw in one of the pods a few tail and pectoral fin slapping. It seemed like these pods were communicating with each other. These whales were focused on heading north. On our way back from this trip, we saw multiple massive full-body breaches off in the distance.

In the afternoon, we travelled out and saw a whale breaching off in the distance, straight ahead at 12 o’clock. We kept heading in this direction for a little while longer, taking us out to 11 nautical miles away. When we saw we got to a safe distance away from the big guy, we saw him turn and come toward us to check us out. He did a few more breaches at this close distance away which was an amazing sight for all of us who saw. It was truly beautiful especially being so close. Just wish we got better photos! 🙂


Sunshine Coast Whale Watching Report, Sunreef Mooloolaba