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Started off this full day of whale watching with a bright and sunny day! Only headed out three nautical miles before sighting whales (roughly 15 minutes out of Mooloolaba)! We only had this one sighting in the morning, but it was definitely a good one. We had two humpback whales breaching and simply showing off. We saw pec slaps, peduncle throws causing pure excitement and joy all throughout the boat. We were so excited to see these animals, especially as they came closer to the boat to do them! Gorgeous morning.


The afternoon we went out a bit further, roughly 10 nautical miles off the Sunshine Coast. We saw two or three pods of whales, what we believed to be juvenile males coming up for the mating season. The first and second encounter could have possibly been the same pod of whales. On every encounter, the whales seemed to be steadily traveling and had long down times. At one point, the curious whales turned and came toward us, then swam under the boat which was super exciting!


All around great day, we are always so grateful to see these majestic animals in their natural habitat.


Sunshine Coast Whale Watching Report, Sunreef Mooloolaba