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Our winter whale season has finally arrived, and we are so excited to share even more of these absolutely magical experiences with you!

Since late April this year, we have spotted the humpback whales of the coast of Mooloolaba. Our big, beautiful friends are beginning their migration north to the warmer waters of the Pacific to breed over the winter. The northern migration will run from June through mid-August with lots of action all around. From mid-August to early November, we will see the whales making their way back down south (with their playful newborn calves!!!) for the spring/summer months.

This year, we are expecting even larger numbers of whales coming through as populations are growing at 10% per year!

We are launching our 2018 whale watching season on 2 June, though with the amount of activity we have been observing off the coast, we have discounted pre-season Whale Discovery Cruises  available!