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Well just when you thought the season was winding down, we have another incredible day of every type of humpback whale behaviour. Our morning started with a mum head lunging and pec slapping and close encounters with the little calf. We then came across a huge competition pod of 10 male whales all very surface active and pushing and shoving to get the lead spot.

At one part of cruise, all 10 whales came to the surface all at once with whales blowing everywhere. Afternoon cruise started with huge expectations from everyone onboard and a mum and calf combination did not let us down. We were mugged by the mum and calf, which is incredibly special to get any sort of close encounter, but this little calf was very curious of us and swam around the boat four or five times, giving everyone the closest of looks of this beautiful 8 week old baby whale.

We were about to leave and head for home when out of nowhere the little guy performed a fully airborne corkscrew breach right alongside us – WOW! Instantly, the excitement levels grew as we watched this little animal breach for the next 20 minutes… Close encounters muggings and breaches was the topic of conversation by all onboard. 10/10 day!

Sunshine Coast Whale Watching Report, Sunreef Mooloolaba