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Monday, Monday! Our first cruise for the day started out with spotting our humpback whale buddies at La Balsa Park, which is 300 metres inside the river mouth. We found a beautiful mum and calf playing together and slowly swimming to the mouth. We then spotted breaches off the Maroochydore River and saw one large whale head lunging 3 or 4 times. The pod we were with was made up of 4 whales: mum, her calf, and two big whales. These whales put on a fantastic display with non-stop surface action – breaches, peck slaps, and the odd peduncle throws.

On the 11AM cruise, Whale One and Wild One met up, Wild One having a massive pod of 10 humpback whales. This was a competition pod, made up of mostly young males fighting for the attention of the female. We watched this huge pod pushing and shoving each other, displaying lots of deep fluke up dives, and we got to see each whale’s tail. It was amazing to see the difference in each tail so up-close. Every whale’s tail is different to the rest, as it is the identification point of each whale, just like our fingerprints!

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