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What a great day on the water. We had our pick of pods this morning with 15 different pods to choose from. We had a competition pod of 6 whales with good surface time, showing us some fluke up dives and the odd tail slap. We pod hopped our way back to Mooloolaba, visiting 4 pods on the way. The cruise finished with a pod of 5 whales, including a mother and calf. The calf was happily breaching and all of them swam directly underneath our boat.
Our morning just got better with whales meeting our second cruise as soon as we came out of the river mouth. A mother and calf were travelling with two escorts and the calf was having a great time head lunging, breaching and tail slapping for 60 minutes straight. The pod swam under the boat 3 times to give us an incredible close up. We found another pod of a mother and calf, also travelling with an escort. They were a lot more relaxed, showing us some fluke up dives as they cruised along.
Our third cruise started out pretty relaxed. We found a pod just 2 nautical miles off Point Cartwright and stayed with them for over an hour. They gave us a great show with excellent surface time, mugging us briefly so everyone got to see them up close. We came across a competition pod of 6-8 whales who were pushing and shoving each other until they eventually split into two groups. To finish off the day we had a pod of three, 2 adults and a yearling. They swam close to us a few times and mugged us for a couple of minutes. We also got to see a turtle up close and we were joined by a pod of bottlenose dolphins. An awesome day all around.
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