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Everybody out on the boat had an absolutely beautiful start to Monday morning. It was a clear day with calves with their mums and escorts all around us. We had a calf around 8 weeks old breaching so close to us that we nearly got wet. We saw another calf about a week old which was much smaller and very light grey in colour. The smaller calf was swimming alongside us and we all watched her play with mumma. It was a perfect day for our guests to be able to see the differences in age in humpbacks with all the babies and mums around.

The afternoon proved to be another exciting day out as well, as we had a large pod of five whales about 2 miles off Point Cartwright. We spotted these whales breaching in front of us, calling us over for a show. We stayed with these whales for some time, watching them consistently breaching and happily head lunging right beside us. Not far off shore, we saw some consistent pec slapping, so we went out to see what all of the ruckus was about. Coming upon two males, we found one doing a series of breaches and head lunges.

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