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Whales galore today!! We started off the morning with a sighting of a pod of 4 Humpback Whales about 4 nautical miles off shore. These whales came in for an hour long close up encounter with our boat as well as providing us with a show of plenty surface behaviours such a pec slaps, tail slaps, fluke up dives!

Our second pod for the day consisted of 3 adult humpbacks who were breaching, even a double breach and getting totally airborne!
At one point during this morning we had 4 different pods within 2 nautical miles of our boat, all breaching in different directions wowing our guests onboard! Also spotted today (pictured) was a rare sight of a mostly black humpback whale! He had minimal white markings on his underside which is commonly seen in the Northern Hemisphere! Sea conditions today were beautiful!

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Sunshine Coast Whale Watching Report, Sunreef Mooloolaba